Maison's Landing Reviews

See what other people are saying about our Taylorsville apartments! At Maison's Landing Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can't wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.



Looking for an apartment is stressful and I found most reviews to be negative experiences about a single incident and are hardly helpful. We've lived here just about a year so far and it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. A few quick negatives: storage space is about average. Walk-in closet is a decent size but fills up with 2 people pretty quickly. Cupboard space in the kitchen and counter space are fairly limited (fills up quickly with a microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven and rice cooker). Every apartment complex has they annoying neighbours, the ones that don't pick up after their dog, or the weed junkies. Nothing to complain about. It happens. There are those around here that don't pick up after their dogs, not a ton, but a few. Neighbours are nice. I've talked to a just a few. The good stuff: really love the linen closet right in the bathroom, coat closet right by the door, large pantry with sliding doors right next to the kitchen, and the tile entry. All this stuff you can find out during a tour, so it shouldn't be that surprising. I've had to call the front office for maintenance twice: once for a light out in the kitchen and once for a leaky o-ring on the washer hook-up. Both times they came out the same day I called it in--once even on a Saturday afternoon. The guy that came was friendly, chatted with me, and was understanding about our dog. Pool is nice. Only been in it once, tho. I've seen a ton of people in it this summer. It's nicely maintained. It's a pool. Haven't been in the exercise facility yet, but it seems alright. Something you see on the tour as well. Front office will hold your packages for you; they have a decent sized room just for storing packages for the community. Every time I've gone in there they've been friendly. Maybe had to wait a few minutes to pick them up sometimes, but I've never dealt with an unpleasant person there. Same with dropping of rent. Haven't had a negative interaction there. We live close to the walking trail, so we don't have to deal with the stinky drains. But I smell them in the summer each time I drive around the front of the complex. Annoying, but it doesn't affect my living. Gas, water, tax, trash, sewer are billed to you each month. The total bill varies depending on how much is used every month by the community. Total bill ranges from 70-110 or so. Could use some more lighting, but that's not REALLY the apartment's responsibility. Would be a perk tho. One thing they've just added was a fenced in "dog park." That seems to be a necessity in a dog community, so I'm really glad they finally built one. It's your basic double gated, fenced in run. Not huge, not small. Pretty decent size. Also on the topic of dogs, they have doggy poo stations throughout the community; so if you need a bag, chances they aren't too far away. Could use some more locations, but not the end of the world. They also go over the list of things they'll charge you for when you move out. Some things they said they will charge you for regardless, like drip pans because "they always are dirty." Fair enough. They also had a break-down of how much each costed. And lastly the annoying 60 day notice. We're probably renewing, but when we signed the lease we were explicitly told about this policy. Same for their rent increase policy. At least they tell you...


I have lived here for a year in a 1-bedroom apartment and love these apartments! Great gym and pool and the buildings and landscape are always kept beautiful. We have always had maintenance come the same or next day to help if there was an issue. Great location right next to the I-15 and 2 miles from SLCC. Great playgrounds for kids. Not the cheapest apartments, but after looking at other ones in this area I would not feel as safe living anywhere else in Taylorsville. Deff get your money's worth! Oh..and my husband loves the free cookies in the office : )


Great service and excellent crew



The 3 bedroom 2 bath apartments are big and nice. Cabinetry is a bit dated, took months to get some one to fix my leaky sink. Rent was a bit high and the penalties for being late were ridiculously high. They allowed my roommates malamute though so i gave it another star for that.


I have rented here for over two years and couldn't be more pleased! Great management and friendly staff. Every time I have had a need (sink plugged up, boosting temp on hot water heater, etc.) staff had been right over to fix. No unruly tenant problems. Right on the beautiful Jordan River Parkway. Excellent maintenance of buildings and grounds. Base rent is market price though, oddly, property taxes and service fee are added - c. $19, and there's a $2000 penalty for breaking the lease!. Still, a deal! Pool is just right. Pets are welcomed. I highly recommend Fairstone.


I was scepticle to move here after reading reviews, but I loved the layout and the price is good for the room you get. we decided to just do it and move in, we have lived here for a little over 2 months now and love it. they where very helpful with signing the lease and whole move in process and are friendly to us. (my roommate was in cali so we did it thru email) we have had 3 times we needed maintenence guy come and everytime is within half hour to an hour after we request it. I love the space here and the balcony. as for the reviews of cops and all the crime here, I haven't seen any yet. not to mention people are people and it'll happen at any place you live, no getting away from it. I felt bad about all the bad reviews, so had to share my experience so far. I love it here


I love it here! I hate how pricey it is but feel like it's a safe environment for my daughter and I so it's worth it! The only thing I don't like is that there no hot tub :)


These apartments are the best ones I have lived at so far. The staff is very helpful and actually knows what they are talking about. If you have any type of problem the maintenance team is always their to help. We called at 2 am one night and they helped walk us through fixing the problem, and then came the next day to fix it completely. They are very polite and are willing to help. As long as you pay your rent on time then this is the perfect place to live.


I love living in these aprtments. Apart from the great living space, I have always felt that I am treated with the utmost respect from the front office. One can observe that they are sincerely interested in the well being of the tennents. I am glad that I have found an atmosphere that is both affordable, and comfortable to live in. The proximity to gas stations and grocery stores is also a great luxury. I often feel that I have been very fortunate in finding these apartments, and I would reccomend them to any friends and family searching for a warm place to reside. Thank you Fairstone!